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A new way to make good things.

We often keep doing as we always do because change is hard and it feels like there is never enough time. There are moments when we take a step back to redefine what it means to do our work, how we do it and can that align with what's happening in our world. Rethinking thinking, the term used by organizational psychologist Adam Grant, describes this concept as the act of thinking deeper into essential questions. Rethinking design has meant improving functionality and utility while not compromising on style and quality. Rethinking the how led me down a path that took months of research, collaboration and a whole lot of energy. And the discovery of new ways of knowing and doing are...

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Fall / Winter Collection 2019

M a u v e  |  D e n i m |  K o n a  G r a y You’ll love this color palette day or night — a blend of luxuriousness and ease.   / The softness of mauve is a feminine touch to a modern look.  / The quiet boldness of denim blue offers a stunning contrast to classic vegan leather.  / The rich texture of Kona gray brings earthy tones to minimalist style. Part 1 of our vision is to build uniquely beautiful products. / Where a woman can embrace her sense of adventure with effortless style. She doesn’t want to just fit in.  But move about with ease and comfort in her own skin. /...

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