Jenny is the owner, designer and maker of the vegan leather handbag company S E A & P I N E.  Everything is made of cruelty-free materials. Every product is designed and handmade by her in Seattle. Through her designs, she pays homage to her childhood in Maui and gratitude to the beauties of the Pacific Northwest. In doing so, she marries coastal vibes with Pacific Northwest style. 

Her collections include a Signature Tote series that highlights the places she's been and expressions of her identity and style. The Work and Play collection features multi-functional handbags such as uniquely designed convertible backpacks and versatile clutches and crossbody bags. Her newest collection focuses on sustainability and is one of the first small businesses to design and produce Cactus Leather goods. All in commitment to moving the needle forward toward earth and life-giving fashion, one stitch at a time. 

Sea+Pine’s Give Back philosophy is a trifecta of love within these areas: Sustainability, Racial justice, Economic opportunity. You’ll see it infused in her work and in her partnerships.

Design has always been a part of her story. Sewing, teaching, creating...it has brought her joy in so many ways. A former educator, contributing writer, coach and mentor, she thrives on building things for people to love and experiences to enjoy.  

Jenny lives in Seattle with her Oahu-born husband, Brett--her favorite person and biggest supporter. They can be found paddle boarding on Alpine Lakes, swimming with sea turtles in Pa'ia and hiking the Cascades with their daughters. 


Create cruelty-free vegan leather handbags infusing innovation and modern love with coastal essence.


Build uniquely beautiful products, do socially conscious work, amplify the lived experiences of womxn & womxn of color 


The spirit of SEA+PINE is to gift a sense of adventure and uncompromising style.  Not to fit into a mold. But to move about with ease and comfort in her/their own skin.  Drawing energy from being outside in Mother Nature and working to sustain it.  We choose to be brave and bold, curious and open. We strive to embrace our natural beauties and treasure our life stories. 


Photography: Samantha Witt, Lost Found Design