Fall / Winter Collection 2019

M a u v e  |  D e n i m |  K o n a  G r a y

You’ll love this color palette day or night — a blend of luxuriousness and ease.  

/ The softness of mauve is a feminine touch to a modern look. 

/ The quiet boldness of denim blue offers a stunning contrast to classic vegan leather. 

/ The rich texture of Kona gray brings earthy tones to minimalist style.

Part 1 of our vision is to build uniquely beautiful products.

/ Where a woman can embrace her sense of adventure with effortless style. She doesn’t want to just fit in.  But move about with ease and comfort in her own skin.

/ She chooses to be brave and bold, quiet and soft.  She strives to embrace her natural beauty and treasure her life story.

/ This collection reminds us to love the softness and boldness of who we are.

Go and reveal your awesomeness and spread kindness.