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Hello Cactus Leather

My plant loving friends, the new Fall 2021 line will be using plant based material made out of this beautiful, durable and super cool #cactus. It’s been so exciting to partner up with sustainable farms and get to work with this wildly cool material.Only the mature plant of the cactus is harvested allowing for multi-harvests from the same plant. No irrigation is needed as it grows with rainwater only. Winner of the 2020 Green Product Award, cactus leather produces no harm to biodiversity. There is so much more to know and love about this incredible innovation and you’ll get to find out more in the next weeks.I’m honored to be one of the first small businesses to work with cactus leather...

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Fall / Winter Collection 2019

M a u v e  |  D e n i m |  K o n a  G r a y You’ll love this color palette day or night — a blend of luxuriousness and ease.   / The softness of mauve is a feminine touch to a modern look.  / The quiet boldness of denim blue offers a stunning contrast to classic vegan leather.  / The rich texture of Kona gray brings earthy tones to minimalist style. Part 1 of our vision is to build uniquely beautiful products. / Where a woman can embrace her sense of adventure with effortless style. She doesn’t want to just fit in.  But move about with ease and comfort in her own skin. /...

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