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A new way to make good things.

We often keep doing as we always do because change is hard and it feels like there is never enough time. There are moments when we take a step back to redefine what it means to do our work, how we do it and can that align with what's happening in our world. Rethinking thinking, the term used by organizational psychologist Adam Grant, describes this concept as the act of thinking deeper into essential questions. Rethinking design has meant improving functionality and utility while not compromising on style and quality. Rethinking the how led me down a path that took months of research, collaboration and a whole lot of energy. And the discovery of new ways of knowing and doing are...

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Hello Cactus Leather

My plant loving friends, the new Fall 2021 line will be using plant based material made out of this beautiful, durable and super cool #cactus. It’s been so exciting to partner up with sustainable farms and get to work with this wildly cool material.Only the mature plant of the cactus is harvested allowing for multi-harvests from the same plant. No irrigation is needed as it grows with rainwater only. Winner of the 2020 Green Product Award, cactus leather produces no harm to biodiversity. There is so much more to know and love about this incredible innovation and you’ll get to find out more in the next weeks.I’m honored to be one of the first small businesses to work with cactus leather...

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