Moving The Needle Closer to Sustainable & Life-Giving Fashion

When I started back in 2017, I desired to create nature inspired products that could provide value, meaning and goodness. The world was changing. Using PETA friendly materials was something I wanted to commit to from the beginning. The labor required in sewing with these materials is intensive, but it was a challenge I wanted to take on if it could offer a cruelty free alternative. 
Here we are in 2021. The time we live in now has dramatically shifted just in the last few years. The environment, economy, the socio-cultural callings. Behind the scenes, I’ve been working to take Sea+Pine to a place that is still relatively new for designers, but that is important to sustaining life and goodness in those three areas. Because I am a small company, my resources and bandwidth are minimal. But I am committed to doing what I can to move the needle closer 💚
In the coming months, you’ll see new fabrics and new ways of doing handbags. I hope you’ll join me in embracing this process of moving towards sustainability, both in process and materials. Its benefits can multiply, one small business at a time. 
You’ll also continue to see your nature-inspired favorites :) A n d  alongside, you’ll be introduced to new lines with not just cruelty-free concepts but with sustainability in mind as well. Working together. I’m so grateful for you standing here alongside me in this evolution. 
Renewable resource love captured by Jose Luis Sanchez-Pereyra