2021 We Rise Collection

The Mama of the W e  R i s e  Collection is this smooth, round beauty. Fittingly named, Maya, for the great poet and activist that has paved the way for us all. 
The lines in this collection are round and fluid. They offer functional style, complete with reversible goodness. And a backdrop of the hope and brilliance of the rising sun...the energy we bring when we harness the power of our love and courage.  Not pitted against each other but in solidarity. 
Sea+Pine’s Give Back philosophy is a trifecta of love within these areas: Sustainability, Racial justice, Economic opportunity 
10% of W e  R i s e  Collection sales will be directed to racial and social justice organizations. March/April recipients will be:
🌱 5% to @advancing_justice_atl to give on the ground support to the victims’ families of the horrific Atlanta shooting and their greater community. This organization produces bystander trainings and advocates for Asian American, Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders who have experienced hate incidences, crimes, violence. 
🌱 5% directed towards @apichayasea to continue their tireless work in giving free and confidential direct support to AAPI survivors in our communities. They also produce workshops for social change and AAPI safety. 
From the bottom of my heart, thank you to friends, community members, national organizations, companies, leaders and even my children’s schools for speaking out so quickly and condemning such acts of hate and violence bias against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Even checking in to see how I’m processing. To be seen, embraced, and feel that we have each other’s back, there are no words. 🙏